Remember the story of the guy who used to pray to a statue every day, week after week, year after year?
He prayed and begged: Please please, let me win the lotto.
After years and years the guy begged, the statue (probably sick of seeing this guy day after day) turned to him and begged: Then please please go and buy a ticket!

And that’s the point. We have to take steps to be happy. It won’t just happen like that. You won’t find friends without smiling at people, you won’t find a job without sending an application and you’ll definitely not have an adventure if you never leave your safe space.
So go and buy a ticket.

I was sitting there. In my bed, with my computer on my lap and the sounds of Rome outside and I can not even believe it, how easy it can be to be happy.
How everything can turn and twist and life gets harder and harder and then one day it hits you and you realize: Damn I am happy.
Yes, maybe everything happens for the best.



Have a beautiful day:)

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