On Expectations

Often things end up being different than we thought they would be.
So what do we do if things don’t go perfectly right?
To be honest, I don’t have a solution.
What I do is hoping that everything happens for the best. That everything turns out exactly the way it should, and that by accepting situations and doing all I can, everything is a chance that can open doors.

I know. All of this is easy to talk about but difficult to live. How many times does life throws something in our face that we somehow have to manage? How many times have I arrived in places that I have imagined differently? And I can’t even count the numerous times situations changed other than I wanted them to be.

I will never forget the day I arrived in Cuba. Not only were there zero Cuban people speaking English ( I didn’t speak one single word of Spanish at that point) but also my apartment was a little bit different than I thought it would be. And the next day I thought Havana was only one big graveyard. I had expected a little bit more of the 5oies flair ( yes that was naive), forgetting that Cuba is a third world country.
But now I am so happy and thankful for how it was, and also for the struggle I had. It taught me much and also it was a great joy.

Though I also don’t forget the times, when accepting isn’t the solution. When leaving is the only option and when saying that you’re not okay is the minimum of what you should do. Oh yes, I have lost my mind.

Expectations are difficult. First of all they can be a lot of fun and when they actually come true it often still feels like a dream. When you’re expectations are bad, you might stop yourself from doing great stuff and underestimate yourself. And if you’re expectations are turned down, it’s an effort to get a positive mind again.
However, though everyone has expectations (no matter if low or high)we should always keep our minds and our hearts open. Open for new things, open for surprises and open for lessons that we need to learn.

That was it for today!:)
Hope all your expectations come actually true!

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