Finally in Rome!
A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of places I wanted to go to. And it appears that I am actually in Rome now. A dream coming true.
I have already fallen in love with this city.
But I can tell you. It was a long long way from Germany.
Have you ever travelled across Switzerland?
It’s the most annoying thing one can do. Once you get over the pretty landscape it’s just one blur of putting the sunglasses on and off (because of all the tunnels) and falling from one side of the car to the other because of all the curves.
I can tell you, Switzerland is not the right spot for people who easily feel sick while traveling with the car.
But apart from that actually going somewhere by car is great fun. You can stop wherever you want to and are free to leave whenever you feel like.
So we spent a night in Genova and made a stop in the beautiful historic city of Lucca. Driving through Tuscany is exactly like you’d imagine it. Fields of sunflowers, small old villages, long trees and a whole lot of sun. Still it took us two days to get to Rome.
Though Rome is actually even more impressive than I thought and it’s got a very special flair.
Of course, the food is amazing and listening to Italians cursing because of the traffic is just really cliché but so original at the same time….

Today I’m going to visit Vatican city. I guess the Pope won’t have time for a quick cup of tea-too bad, but that’s life.
You’ll hear more from me and my adventure in Rome soon! For now I hope your days are just as sunny as mine here in Italy.



P.S.: If you have any suggestions what to do in Rome or maybe secret spots, please let me know in the comments below. We traveller must help each other;)


5 thoughts on “Rome!

  1. If you can I suggest you plan in a day to explore the Via Appia Antica. I didn’t have enough time to take the bus to travel south, and only explored its very beginning, but I loved it! Enjoy your time in Rome! Best, Tanja

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    1. Thanks a lot for this tip! I’ll def try that! Hopefully you made a wish at the Fontana Di Trevi so you come back to Rome and have time to explore everything you haven’t seen yet 😉
      All the best and thanks one more time! 🙂


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