48 Hours in Marrakech

Heading to Morocco this summer?
The state in North Africa is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, and a destination for many travelers.

What are the first associations you get when you think of this magical, diverse country?
For me it’s delicious food, markets with satin, spices, olives and things you have never seen before.
I think of the sun and colors and a sense of magic, coming form this oriental flair.
I think of tea and I think of belly dancing, and also of all kinds of arts. I think of deserts and waterfalls, of flowers and cacti, of camels and cats. And most of all I think of some of the kindest people I have ever met.
It’s like leaving the world I knew behind to go on an Aladdin-like adventure.
But Morocco is huge, so probably you won’t spend all of your time in it’s capitol city.
What I thought was, I could give you a little inspiration of what to do when you got two days in Marrakech. By the way, the pictures I am sharing in this post are from two years ago.

So one thing you can’t avoid is la place Djemaa el Fna.
Djemaa el Fna is Marrakechs biggest and most famous market place.
You get to see everything from dancing snakes and monkeys up to people selling sweets or making music. I have to admit that you have to get used to the “odor” (smells like back in the middle ages) but once you get over that part, you’ll be overwhelmed by the show this whole market place . It’s not possible to pass the medina ( the old part of Marrakech) without at least get a little sneak peak of Djemaa el Fna.

But let’s start from the beginning. I guess, Riads are no longer a secret tip for travelers, but I’d still like to mention, and recommend it. Riads are traditional Moroccan  houses, or to be more precise: They’re small palaces.
One of the many advantages is the private and calm atmosphere, that is like an oases after walking through Marrakech.

So let’s begin the day with breakfast. Mostly they serve very strong coffee, milk and tea. Then there’s a choice of sweets and some sort of pita bread with butter. To be honest, the breakfast isn’t the most amazing in the world and you get tired of it after a couple of days, but it’s definitely enough and the Moroccans will take real good care of you, so there’s no chance you starve.Besides, when you get thirsty while walking through the city, don’t hesitate to buy juice from one of the many stands- they’re delicious!

By the way, it’s hot aaaall the time, so think of your suncream, your sunglasses and mosquito spray;).
One thing I recommend is the Jardin Majorelle -Yves Saint Laurents Blue Park.
The designer loved Morrocco and even designed houses and parks in this country. For cooling down, this is the perfect spot. When you’re lucky you’re even going to see a Moroccan marriage.

So after seeing Djemaa el Fna and the park it’s definitely time for lunch! Forget everything you think or you’ve heard about Couscous. You have to try the original one, and I promise you’ll love it.
Also they have really good fish and vegetables in Morocco.
By the way: You won’t believe it, but hot tea ACTUALLY helps you to cool down. And it’s super yummy to. Whenever someone offered me tea (which was very very often) I accepted it, and there’s nothing like morroccan mint tea. And don’t worry about hygiene, the Morrocan people are super clean. I even think that some of us could learn something from them when it comes to that.

In the afternoon I would definitely go for something more relaxed. So how about a Hammam? It’s a little different than they do it in Turkey, but it’s still an experience you have to do. For those of you who haven’t heard of Hammam: It’s a traditional way to clean the skin. It’s with a lot of heat, and scrubbing, and water and special soap and after you get out of there you’ll feel like you got a brand new skin.

After enjoying the Hammam -being completely fresh and relaxed- you could go and explore modern Marrakech ( ville nouvelle) before passing through the medina by night.
On your way there, you’ll pass tons of souqs, enough to get to try everything from rose water to argan oil and shoes and bags in colors you’ve never seen before.

After a long day it’s finally time to go to bed. Maybe you can enjoy the beautiful night over Marrakech if your Riad has a rooftop, most places also offer Shishas and Dinner until late in the night. For those who want to go out, there are plenty of possibilities in the whole city.

For the next day I’d definitely plan to visit some of the old palaces ( Palais de la Bahia!).
It’s not only beautiful and impressive, but also you get to learn so much about Morroccos history and even the political situation nowadays.
What I recommend for the entire trip is talking to the locals ( as always! 😉 ) That’s how you really get to know a country, the culture and the people.
And then just spend the afternoon strolling around and stopping by the places that look interesting to you. Marrakesh is a new hotspot for artists and especially for fashion lovers and so diverse that I am sure you find a way to spend your time. Also there are a lot of

If you’re lucky enough to be in Morocco for longer than 48 hours, go out there! Explore the country! The numerous berber villages, the sea side, the desert and other famous cities. Morocco is a great place for outside sports, but also for a beach- holiday.


lots of love, and enjoy your holiday!xx

6 thoughts on “48 Hours in Marrakech

  1. Great article! It gives a lot of inspiration, especially when you are planning to go there and for me it brought back a lot of memories. Moreover, it made me want to go back … of course with you again. 🙂 love it 💕

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  2. This article gives me an urge to pack my bag and head over to Marrakesh. I’ve never been there before. When is the best time to travel there?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked it, and even happier that it inspired you and made you want to travel to Morocco. I highly recommend it, so when you get the chance don’t hesitate. And it’s not even too expensive;) We went there in summer, which is quite hot then but it was fine. So I’d say spring and autumn are probably the perfect time:)


    1. Thanks a lot. Good to hear that you liked it and it made me really happy to hear that I inspired you somehow. That’s what I aspire to do. Thanks so much for the feedback. I wish you all the best for your trip and if you have any questions, I am here!:D

      Liked by 1 person

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