The Anatomy Of Travel-Friendships

We all know them and we all can’t really explain what it is about them. But it’s a fact, that travel friendship hold something very special.
Actually I believe that there are different types of travel friendships (each of them special for their very own reasons).
Today I want to talk about the kind of travel friendships, that randomly start while you are on your trip, and somehow keep on working, long after you came back home.

So what is so special about travel friendships?
Well, first of all, most of the stories how travel-friends met are extraordinary and really funny. It’s just like life has decided to put two people together no matter how.

Then there’s the thing with traveling with someone without going on each others nerves.
For some reason this always works with these new friends.
Maybe it’s because everyone’s in a different environment than their used to, but still to me this is a fascinating phenomenon. I personally need some space after spending days with a person. And I definitely couldn’t travel with all of my friends for longer than a couple of days without losing my mind after some time. (That doesn’t mean I don’t love them though!)
The next thing that plays a huge role is of course, the shared experiences.
While traveling we try things we never did before or never thought we’d try.
Sharing these special moments and extreme situations with someone is quite a good base for a longer lasting friendship. There’s always something that connects you.
My next point :
Developing together. When people travel, they always develop in some way. While traveling alone no one can see the ways you walked to get where you are, but only the results. While travel friends accompany you through the whole time. They get to know your old-me and your new -me – and the best thing: they don’t question your changes. Friends from back home aren’t always convinced by your new-me.
Then there’s the ‘holiday’-thought when we come back. Whenever we remember the people we met, we also think of fun times which makes us like to remember those people.

We all meet people on our trips. We spend the evenings together, talk about our experiences and discuss where to go next and who has the best inside tips or know-how. Maybe then we plan to take the next step of our trip together and so we keep on meeting again and again. All over the country or maybe just in different parts of the city. Being together is easy and sharing the pain and trouble with someone is good too.Sometimes we even plan to meet on our next trip. But whoever it is and no matter where we are we always promise to keep in touch. Sometimes it’s clear that these special people were only supposed to accompany us for a short while in our life, and others are meant to be true friends for life. I always hope to keep in touch with everyone, though I know that this is not possible. And that is okay too.
Sometimes the contact ends after a while, but then there are those rare people where I know they’re going to stay in my life for quite a while. No matter on what part of the earth we may wander. People that I shared the most shaping experiences with and that enriched me in numerous and unbelievable ways.

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