A New Adventure-Becoming a Yoga Teacher 

As the title already says: A new adventure has begun for me.
This time I am only going to another part of Germany. The town where I am staying is close to a city called “Heilbronn” and I am lucky enough to find out more about this place during the next ten days.
Today I started my training to be a yoga teacher in ten days (hopefully!).
Actually it all started yesterday when I drove from my home to this small provincial town called “Bad Wimpfen”. It’s close to the river “Neckar” and incredibly cute. Also it’s suuuuper old, at least from 1200 a.c.
What I can say for now is, that it’s really interesting and that the group seems to be quite nice, as well as the teachers.
Well what I wanted to say is that I am trying to share my experiences here with you and that I am definitely trying to keep on posting as much as I usually do. But I hope you forgive me if that doesn’t work all the time. It was just the first day and I am already super tired, but also excited to see what’s going to happen tomorrow.
And then of course I will find out what this area has to offer apart from a beautiful river, hills and old houses.
Though of course what I came for, was the learning (about yoga and myself) plus, I wanted to surround myself with people with positive energy and I’ll see if that works,I got a good feeling so far. But you never know …anyway,until then…I got enough to read…
Yep,you guessed right! That’s what they gave us today and what we have to know by Sunday the 17th. Wish me luck!
Lots of love, and have a wonderful day xx

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