Travelers At Home- What Happens To The Wanderer-Soul When It Can Not Wander

What happens to travelers when they’re at home?
Well, I don’t have to look for an example to find it out, I can just talk about what I do and what happens to me when I am at home.
The first days after one of my trips are like heaven. I spend hours in the shower and turn on the music so loud that the whole village knows that I am back.
I eat everything that we have in the fridge and I enjoy every single second on our sofa or between my books and I don’t even start talking abot my clothes,’cause after weeks oft he same choice every single day your wardrobe is like wonderland.
But then after the first couple of days I start to feel a little melancholic.
I sleep more and scroll through the pictures that I took all the time. Also I begin to feel a little nervous. On a trip I am used to discover new stuff everyday, to enjoy every second in weherever I am. But then from one day to another, the exploring, the adventure, the daily input just stops.
I start to plan my next trip, hang on to my habits I brought from the other country, and the worst part: I talk. I talk about my experiences and I am willing to tell anyone anything, and I don’t bother if they ask or not. I feel quite sorry for my family who has to hear the „Well in New York..“; „Back in Uzebkistan it is …“, „This happened to us in Cuba..“, -kind of stories. I guess it’s not easy to be my parents sometimes…
The next thing I do is, going to my town, and everytime I do this I somehow hope for something exciting to happen, which is, of course, never the case.
And then I get reeeeaaally reeeaally sad. Like superdepressed. This turns quickly into boredom or madness.
This is a thing I have observed on other travellers too.
They get really crazy ideas of what to do next or even work on a five-year-travel-future-plan.
The biggest problem is, that we can’t bring the feeling home. No matter what we buy or take back home from the place we’ve been, at the end nothing comes close to our memories and I don’t even try to explain the feeling of a special situation.

Sometimes words just don’t do it.

Another problem is, that the trips changes us travelers, and the people that know us sometimes don’t understand why we have changed in some ways and question everything that we have adpated. I really don’t like that part. Though I love my friends and family of course. And coming back home is a joy too, traveling wouldn’t be as nice if I didn’t have anything to come back to (like a shower with hot water for example:D)

This was just a short description of how I feel after travelling and I will also do a list of symptoms pretty soon. What about you? How do you feel after coming home? And do you get a lot of wanderlust?
Just let me know in the comments below!:)


xoxo-have a lovely day!:)

PS.: The picture above is an old castle in Uzbekistan right next to a salt lake!


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