On The Serenity of Cows And The Stubbornness of Donkeys

I wish I had the serenity of a cow.

Today my mum and I stood in the kitchen and then we realized that a fly was quite interested in our cooking. Instantly, my mum reached for the flyswatter and that’s when I thought: ” I wish I had the serenity of a cow.”
Imagine being able to just be there and mind your own business no matter what happens. I wouldn’t care about flies, I would simply accept their existence and their presence. No more cursing and no more running through the house, tying to kill the little beast.
If I were a cow, I would think: “Who cares?” or maybe: ” Oh look a fly!”, or probably not one of those things because I would  not even waste one moment thinking about the flies that sit next to my eye or on my back or that fly around the water tank.


The longer I think of it, the more I am impressed by their tranquility. Everyone loses their control, for example horses, they tend to drive crazy by every noise they hear. But have you ever heard of a crazy cow that ran around because she heard a car or saw a fox. Have you ever seen a cow running around on the fields? Chasing whatever, caring about what happens in their environment?
Neither have I.
The top of emotion is when a cow turns the head to look at you. Just one simple (bored) look.
There has to be something really crazy going on to get a cow out of it’s flow.


If I could find out what makes them so calm and learn to be the same, my complete life would change. I wouldn’t bother about the grumbling and the criticism of the voices around me. I wouldn’t even give a sign that I heard them at all.
If I had the serenity of a cow, people could barely get me upset.
I wouldn’t care about a stupid comment someone made and I wouldn’t care when people are impolite. But instead of being a mountain in the storm-calm and strong, no matter how much the storm rages- I am more of an avalanche.

Or to take it back to the wildlife comparison: I am more of a donkey. Yeah I would say a donkey comes quite close. Stubborn, restive, and I get loud when people try to push me to do something I don’t want to do, or when something else happens and I just feel like sharing my opinion with everyone.I might look innocent and at times I can be easy to handle, but man,when I open my mouth….
Donkeys get seriously crazy! And randomly mad at everything and everyone. The donkey in the movie “Shrek” is already a super peaceful and clam version of a donkey, and we all know how annoyed Shrek was by him.
If you have ever heard a donkey making a donkey-noise, you know it’s not really a pleasant sound.

I had more of a cow when I was a child and sometimes I can be ridiculously calm, but the everyday life is a tough one for me, and sometimes I just lose it. Sometimes I have to make that little comment, to show that I am not okay with things. I care about the fly on my cake or the mosquito buzzing next to my ear. The thunder storm on a summer day annoys me as well as the construction work that has been going on forever. Cows never care about constructions, no matter if the construction is just on the street right next to them or if it’s their own fence that’s under construction. They just go on.
Or take the water buffaloes! They don’t get upset about the birds sitting on their backs or jumping around their feet. Instead they seem to appreciate the good sides of it (and ignoring the annoying part), like for example they never stand alone and also their fur isn’t full of beetles.


And that is so wise. Why wasting time, and energy on increasing my blood pressure when I can just concentrate on good and important stuff like food or how nicely the sun is warming my back?


Have a wonderful day! And maybe you can be a little bit more of a cow than a donkey today! It might make life easier:)

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