5 Places To Go.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!”

Of course I have a lot more places on my to-go-list than I could possibly count, but I wanted to share some of my travel ideas for the future with you.
There is no order of what I really want to see first, but let’s just get started! 🙂

Do I even have to explain?
I am so fascinated by this country, its nature and its culture. Moreover I would love to see the aurora borealis…

I am keen on exploring the beautiful nature of this diverse country and even more interested in learning about their culture and the everyday life in Oman. And of course also  already looking forward to the probably delicious food!

3.Costa Rica

Sadly my planned trip to Costa Rica didn’t work out for several reasons, but I still hope to be able to explore this country in the next time.

4. Thailand

I wouldn’t go for elephant back riding, but there is a whole lot of things I would like to do there.


I know it’s ridiculous, cause this city is technically right around my corner and I have been to Italy several times. But I have never been to Rome. But I am not going to wait s much longer.



I also plan to go to South Africa and Dubai and so many more places…, but I can not go on and make this list forever! What places would you like to see? I am always looking for some inspiration and if you’re having any inside tips I’d love to hear them!:)

10 thoughts on “5 Places To Go.

      1. 🙂 Ich weiß nicht, es schwirrt schon immer in meinem Kopf herum. Als ich dann in Nepal war, verfestigte sich das ganze noch mehr in meinem Kopf… Liebe Grüße zurück…

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