My Travel-Selves

Okay,I admit it. This headline sounds like I am Gollum.
When I am on the road it’s like I have the ring, when I am at home I don’t.
But I promise, this article won’t be this crazy.
And though my Gollum imitations are great, I am pretty sure that we don’t have a lot in common apart from the passion for riddles.


What I mean when I talk about my travel-selves are the parts of me that I discover when I travel. It’s like when you speak another language. For example I am so much funnier and sarcastic when I speak German and so much more passionate when I speak French.
I never knew that I loved dancing salsa until I danced it in Cuba. In Morocco I saw how beautiful and proud these kind women were, and I decided that I wanted to learn from them and their softness.
In Kenya I started to pay more attention to the details in my environment ( means the nature).

In Sri Lanka I learned how it is to be around family and I could connect more to Buddhism  and it was in Scotland that I first felt like I could breathe freely.
France had a huge influence on how I interact with other people and England made me appreciate calmness and being alone.
In Uzbekistan I discovered how creative I can be when it comes to solving unusual problems. Because I was never self sure enough to actually try out my ideas.
But when you are really desperate you are willing to try anything, and so I learned that I can be pretty cool! 😀
And I learned how beautiful people are and how welcoming and interesting and loving everyone is, wherever I went.

And whenever I come back from one of my trips, I have learned more. Learned more about other people, about myself and about what can be.
Now I miss my New York -me, and even more my Havanna-me. Or no, you can’t even say that.
I try to bring back parts of that and surely I have brought little new habits from everywhere, trying not to forget what I have learned. And now I am a big mix of all these little things and still by far not done.

Well, what I am trying to say is, that wherever I am I find more sides of myself and I work on them when I come back. Every trip changes me and I am developing different parts of me more, depending on where I am.


One thing that I always knew is ,how adventurous I am and how easy I can adapt to new circumstances. I guess that’s something I learned at home and I am more than thankful for these gifts.
How about you guys?
Tell me about your travel-selves in the comments below! I’d love to hear your stories!

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