Life on the countryside.

I already told you guys that I am not in New York anymore. And it’s been kind of a shock last week and also depressing. I am not going to lie here, being home is great but of course New York City is a little bit more exciting than a 2000 people village.
However I have decided that this is going to be a great time and I need this little break to figure out what’s next.
So yesterday I watched ( once again) the movie from Jane Austen’s wonderful              “Sense& Sensibility” ( I know it’s a clichée), and as always I began to dream of my life in the 19th century.
Picnics, soirées, dinner invitations, horse back riding ,writing letters,reading poetry to each other after planting some salad in the garden and a whole lot of tea.
Very idyllic of course. And whenever one’s tired of this life, there’s still London.
….but sorry I am drifting away once again…

These days it’s been very stormy in Germany.
When I was in England last week it wasn’t much of a difference. Neither the weather here nor the weather in Oxfordshire can be called a “summer”. Of course I had to find other things to do, because my plan to hang out in the park and at the pool isn’t quite as good as I thought. Not to say: simply impossible.
That was when I decided to bring the 19th century to my house.
I unpacked the nice tea set and a puzzle that I wanted to do forever and I played a round of scrabble with my mother. All of this was so much more fun than I remembered it to be.
So at least nothing is distracting me from doing my things or things that I told myself to do for such a long time, but never did.
I have time for the violin and for writing and reading “The Secret Garden” one more time. I don’t have to rush from one place to another ( yeah okay, I miss the hustle and bustle of New York, but I am sure I would be more than grateful for a break after living there for a couple of years).

Also I have to organize some stuff and get things done and it’s so much easier to concentrate on serious business when you’re not invited to a brunch or there are a bunch of galleries in your street that you haven’t seen yet.
Yeah I think one can say that I am trying to enjoy the small-town life and use this time to plan new trips and dreams and to spend more time with my old passions and trying to teach myself new stuff. It’s sort of a trip back to my “home-self” ( a word which I will explain in the following article).

Have a great day and may your summerdays hold more sunshine than mine:)

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