Another Friday, But This Time I Am Back at Home

Hello you all!
I am very sorry I couldn’t work on anything these last couple of days. I’ve been in England to check some things out and unfortunately I forgot my computer. Though I doubt that could have published anything, cause the internet connection was more than just horrible…But now I am back!!Yaaay.
I am super excited to see my family and friends again. Being back home is really nice.
Though I have to admit that I didn’t miss Gießen at all.
No, one could even say I am having sort of a Gießen-depression.
For those of you who wonder what on earth “Giessen” is supposed to be: It is a city right in the middle of Germany in Hesse.
But I don’t blame you, it’s not exactly what you’d call the center of the earth. It’s not even what you call the center of the province Hesse, when I think about it…but anyway. That’s where I have my “home-base”.  And of course I am coming back to this town, because I have things to come back to, and that is the nice part about this place.

When I picked up my sister from school today, to grab lunch with her, I realized that it was friday. Again.
Another friday. Lately the fridays have been passing away very quickly.
I still feel like march has just ended and we’re still at the beginning of the year. Wasn’t it just two weeks ago, that I could wear a T-Shirt for the very first time this year?
(Honestly I am worried that when I am 80 years old, one year will only feel like one week…)
But this friday I am not in New York anymore. While I was heading to a jazz bar in the upper east side last week, passing by the Empire State Building after hitting a class at my yoga studio, this week I am back in Gießen and I don’t really worry about what to do.
That’s the positive side of not having big choice. It’s not like there is something going on on every corner here,you don’t have to stress about making a decision.
But don’t misunderstand me!
When you search and take a very close look at it, Gießen can have charming sides too! It’s the city with the highest student population, so we have lots of young people around, and that is fun of course! And hey! It only took me about a thousand years to realize that! So there’s hope for everyone:)

But seriously, Gießen has been getting better and better in these last couple of years, and there are some great spots around…
Eeem, yeah…okay I might not be able to think of one right now..but I’ll just save that for another article,I’ll figure something out.
Despite the fact that we are in the middle of nowhere, one can still have great fun here.
And if Gießen is not too much your taste, well there are cars, and trains, and busses you can use to escape this provincial town.
I know, for those Americans who thought we didn’t have cars, this must be quite shocking but we don’t only have cars, we also use them!
And when we Germans are in a real crazy mood we even use the internet (!!!) to find out where there’s something cool going on…

Well anyway, tonight I am looking forward to meeting some friends again, to hear their stories and maybe also be able to annoy them with mine.
That’s the thing about coming back. It is nearly impossible for a traveller to shut up about the experiences…you should have heard me after Uzbekistan or Cuba…Sometimes I feel a little sorry for those around me. They listen to me partially because I force them and partially because they are my (polite) friends or family, I can only hope that some are really interested in hearing what I am talking about.
But then on the other hand, I know I am not as bad as I could be.
How about you guys? Do you annoy other people with your trip memories? And how about your friday nights?


Yeah see? Giessen has some quite charming corners.. That’s a university building, on the famous Ludwigstraße…

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