Shaking up Victoria’s Secret.

The other day I was making my way up to Central Park when I stopped by Victoria’s Secret on 34th street.
It’s like a candy shop for girls -you probably know that.
Also they had 40% off and as you can probably imagine it was crazy in there!
But I was in a super good mood so I didn’t care and threw myself in this crazy shopping war.
You know how it is…people fighting over the last piece of whatever and nervously waiting to finally be able to pay and leave the store. A little exhausting and people just too serious.
So I scrolled through my playlist, put a great summer song on and started looking for good deals.
But it didn’t take long until I turned off the music on my phone and enjoyed the music they played there.
When I was walking through the “pink”-part of the store the song “It wasn’t me”  from Shaggy started.
And I love this song!

For those who don’t know it, here’s the link:
Also it reminds me of some fun time we had on a rooftop in Cuba, so I couldn’t hold it back anymore and instead of walking through the aisles I was dancing a little bit. Trying to only sing the “wasn’t me”-bit and not the whole song.

And then I saw something that I didn’t expect.
There were about three guys actually really dancing and singing out loud to the song.
And they saw me doing my mini-dance and were like “hey finally a white girl who appreciates this song” ( let’s just ignore the fact that they called me white)- so I joined them. The next thing that happened was, that two other girls and one guy came and so we stood in the middle of the store singing and dancing together to “It wasn’t me”.

I loved it, it was great.
So I just wanted to share this experience with you.
Maybe because all I want to say  is: If you feel like dancing and singing go for it! You’re probably not the only one and it can really make your day!
I wish stuff like that would happen more often, that is just exactly what would have happened in Cuba( if they had a VS there).
So for myself I have decided to stop to concentrate on not singing along. It is just natural that it happens and costs too much energy to stay serious when I really want to dance and have a fun time.

2 thoughts on “Shaking up Victoria’s Secret.

  1. Such a good story! I wish that would happen here in Germany! Some are so cool but not allowed to show their coolness.. Haha I would love to dance and sing outside but, I do it only when I am with my girls.. Not alone 🙂 I love the your style of writing. I could read more and more 🙂
    Good job! :)))


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