“Am I Wrong for Wanting More?”

That’s what Ernesto asked the other day.
“Am I wrong for wanting more?”
He just said it in a normal conversation and we didn’t talk about it, but somehow this question was stuck in my head ever since.
It was the same Ernesto I wrote about in my other essay by the way.
If you haven’t read it, here’s the link: https://thecatastrophyoftravelling.com/2016/05/03/tamy-talks-toernesto/

So this question popped up in my head all the time. Maybe because all of us are privileged in so many ways that it feels like being greedy when you’re looking for more.
Or maybe because this question came from Ernesto and he has less than I do and he’s still asking himself this. And I do ask for more.
It’s not that I am not grateful for what I have, but I’d like to move forward in life. Wanting more for one self or the world is also a good motivation to work, isn’t it?
Plus we are young, aren’t we supposed to dream too big?

I looked up the definition for greed, and it says that greed is ” a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed”.
For me a greedy person is someone who takes something to the cost of someone else who would need it more. And the only reason for taking is just for ending up having more of this particular thing.
Life is about what you make from it, not what you take from it.


The word “greed” mostly comes with a bitter aftertaste.
Though we’ve got to be careful. It doesn’t have the same meaning as selfish. Selfishness is something else. And it isn’t jealousy either.
But in fact, I believe that one can’t be wrong for wanting more.
What is wrong with wanting a good life? What is wrong with wanting to be financially independent to have at least some sorrows and problems solved? Are we wrong for wanting to surround us with beautiful things?
What is wrong with asking for a good education or a better democracy? What is wrong with wanting more safety and more freedom at the same time?
I think most of us keep in mind, that there are people who weren’t so lucky to be born in the developed world, and that these people have sorrows and problems that endanger their existence every single day of their lives.
But is that supposed to be the reason why we should stop dreaming?
Just because someone else has less, that doesn’t mean we can’t improve ourselves, our lives and our world. Compassion and consideration are good and important, but you can have these qualities without stopping your life. I know, this doesn’t sound very nice.
Still, I believe that it is human to want things to be better. And how can being human be immoral?


I asked myself where mankind would be today, if no one was asking for more and only for what you really need to survive.
And I came to the conclusion that we definitely shouldn’t stop asking for more. And no one can blame us for wanting more. There is nothing wrong with wanting only the best for ourselves and our beloved ones.



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