9 Things That People Used To Do And That I’d Like To Have Back

Nowadays we have a lot of great new things.
Also we live in a society that starts to grow more tolerance than ever before.
But I think we have also lost a lot of things on our way.
I am a person that loves old things. I like old books, and movies, and houses and clothes… well simply old things.
I feel they have a sense of magic or glamour that tells us about old times, and I like to imagine how they were also new one day and nothing special.
We all have heard that “back then everything was better…”. This sentence never bothered me at all. It fascinated me, and maybe, I thought, maybe in some points these people were right.
I feel like they had more time than we do. Which is, of course, not the case, but they had a different lifestyle.
Today everything’s about our achievements.
Being offline is a luxury.


Though I have never been part of it, I miss the times when people sent “Thank you”-Cards instead of “Thank you”-Emails. Or cared for saying “Thank you” at all.
I wish people would still pack a basket full of food for someone who is in hospital. And also I wish that people would not think I am dead, just because I haven’t been online for 24 hours.
I wish people would send each other letters from time to time. It is just sad that all we have in our mailbox are bills and ads.
I don’t even dare to think of someone who writes a letter with an actual pen and not just typing it in and printing it out.

What I like is, that people still send each other christmas cards and take the time to wish each other love and all the best for the next year.
And I hope people keep on doing this. But I’d rather have no wishes at all, than some weird email, that sings me a song and is super impersonal.
The whole thing is about taking the time, to think of people we love and who are important to us. Being thoughtful.
An automated email, is like totally misunderstanding the whole thing- though of course it’s nice, that these people do something at all.

So here are a couple of things that I wish we’d do again, but we don’t because of technology or maybe just because we are too cool, modern and stressed for it.

  1. Mixtapes ( If I wanted to do one, I wouldn’t even know how and that is sort of sad)
  2. Looking up things in dictionaries and lexicons ( we could learn a lot more because we would always find something else that we want to read and also books are just so much nicer than reading online)
  3. People doing puzzles together, drinking tea and talking- instead of watching TV.
    ( Thank you Ilka for doing this with me!)
  4. Playing vinyl-because that makes you actually listen to the music and appreciating it and not just having it along the way.
  5. Having actual maps when you’re going on a road trip or whatever. I know it is so much easier with our navigation system, but still…doing things yourself is such a good feeling.
  6. Visiting yard sales and flea markets.
    I know, we can order anything online, so why getting out of bed on a sunday morning?
    Well, maybe because it is also a way of socializing with people and a good reason to go for a walk.
  7. Glamorous parties where people have to dress up properly. Why do we need a reason to be chic?
  8. Rockabilly dresses and driving gloves!
  9. People insisting on politeness.



So that’s all I can think of right now.
I mean it’s not like I don’t know about all the virtues that we have and the progress that we made.
I do appreciate a lot of things that we have, that weren’t possible a few decades ago.
But I think that these things would teach us a little more mindfulness.

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