Why My Blog Is Called “Stories Of A Gypsy- Princess”

People have asked me why my blog is called “Stories of a gypsy-princess”.
So I thought I could share the story of the name with you.
It is actually very easy.
It started when I was writing one of my first articles. I was sitting in the Plaza Hotel in New York and wearing a blue and white outfit, that was casual but also elegant. So that one girl, Shabelina, came to me (wearing very similar pants) to tell me that she loved my outfit and especially my pants.
So we started to talk about where we bought these pants and where she came from and where I came from etc. etc.
Then her two brothers joined us. It turned out that they came from London and came to spend a weekend in the Big Apple.( They have actually 5 more siblings!). Actually it was pretty obvious that they were British!

We had a fun time and decided to go out together in the evening.
So we exchanged numbers and met in a Jazz Bar in the Upper East Side in Manhattan.
We all agreed that the Jazzband wasn’t that good but the location was still nice and the cocktails good-plus Shabelina wore her High Heels all day long and couldn’t walk anymore, so we decided to stay.
And we talked about a lot of different things and then they asked me what I was writing earlier in the Hotel, and so I told them.
The one brother ( I actually forgot the names of them, because they were so complicated- I am very sorry!) said that he was impressed. Moreover he didn’t expect that from me, as I looked so fancy.And that my gypsy-princessy lifestyle sounded like fun.
( Really in that second, it was probably hard to imagine me in a desert, finding ways to stay hygienic.)

Then I also told them that I didn’t have a proper name for it.
And that’s how my blog got its’ name.
Because they said I was telling stories of my life, especially about my trips to different countries. And as I like traveling classy and fancy but also love adventures and road trips I should call my blog “Stories of a Gypsy-Princess”, because that’s pretty much what it is.
And I liked it. That is very much like me.
I can be a princess but also I am a gypsy and I can also go totally badass from one second to the other.
Sleeping at lunchtime…Sending you guys all the best from Central Park!

And that’s how simple it is. So the mystery is solved.
See you soon and have a wonderful day!

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