The Complete Beginners Guide to Adventures


We all need adventures from time to time. It doesn’t matter if they are small adventures or big ones…the most important thing is, that we do something that gets us out of our comfort zone and ends the tristesse that daily life can sometimes present.

Sometimes adventures are tough and not too much of a blast. And sometimes they are amazing. But no matter what, adventures are things that you will always remember and times that you learn a lot from.
But sometimes it is hard to find an adventure. Sometimes things just go exactly like they are supposed to go.
So I decided to write a complete beginners guide to Adventures, for all those who seek for one. Your wish shall be heard!:D
But keep in mind:
Even mini-adventures are adventures! So this is not a guide to show you your way to Narnia or something extraordinary like this.
This guide is supposed to make your daily life and your holidays a little more special.
Let’s get started!


Well there is basically one thing that you have to keep in mind.
It is something that  either a man with the endless name Colonel John Nicholas Blashford -Snell or Roald Amundsen said:


And whoever said it, speaks the truth.
It is hard to be part of an adventure when you barely leave your house or when you plan every detail so perfectly that absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong- and if there goes something wrong you have a plan B.
Sure, sometimes that kind of planning is not only good but also needed.
Being prepared is good. But where is the fun?
Where is the excitement that we feel when we don’t really know what’s happening next?
For some of us (like me) who aren’t too much of a planner type of person this is very easy. For those who are lucky enough to enjoy organizing stuff and have a talent for planning things, this will be sort of difficult.
But I am sure you can make it!


However, you cannot only rely on your own bad planning.
There are a couple of things that you can start with.

First of all:
Do whatever you feel like doing (this is the fun part!).
When you see a tree that practically asks to be climbed-do it.
Or when you have the opportunity to do something that you’ve never done before-go for it!
You have never danced in the rain? You’re missing out on something. Instead of being all mad because weather isn’t as it’s supposed to be, you could embrace it, and make the best out of it.
Dare to be whoever you want to be.

To do so, you have to try to let go of your fears of course. Try to let go of everything that’s holding you back. Identifying your own fears, might be the first step.
Slowly, and step by step you will develop a trust in yourself, that can also help you in your day to day life.
Then, remind yourself why you wanted to be adventurous. Think of how proud you will be of yourself. Find your motivation!


Be free. 
Being adventurous also asks for a certain mindset. You have to feel mentally free- willing to experience life and to live your own life to the fullest.
Try to find out what you are interested in. In the hustle and bustle of our own life, we tend to forget a bit who we are. What we are interested in, what we always wanted to do, what our goals are and what we dream of.
I have, for example, randomly ordered a Swedish for Beginners book, attended a Writer’s meeting and started hot yoga. All these little things are the first steps towards a more adventurous life.
Also ask yourself in what part of your life you want to be more adventurous!


Think of a person in your life that you admire. You don’t have to know the person, and it doesn’t matter if they are dead or alive or fictional characters.
Try to find out why you admire them and when they were adventurous-maybe you find some inspiration and will feel a little more brave.
When it comes to me, I mostly admire fictional characters from books that I read. I know, it’s a little nerdy, but I truly believe that they also formed my character in some way, and not only because they taught me to be braver.

Make plans.
I know what you’re thinking now.
Didn’t this girl just say that plans are the best way to avoid adventures?
Yes, that’s what I said and that’s still what I think. What I mean by making plans is, that you keep one weekend free to go on a hiking trip for example. Just choose one day and ask friends to come with you- and the adventure can begin!
If you like planning, maybe a bucket-list would be the right thing for you?


And now the most important thing:

Ask people about their lives, and jobs and experiences. Read books, go somewhere where you have never been before. Maybe find out if you love jazz and go to a jazz bar or a concert, whatever. Try out new things. Be open-minded!
Observe people and their behavior. Just never stop learning and experiencing.
The other day I met a lady called Laura. We met in a Bar where they were playing live Salsa-Music and people were actually really dancing,probably because the band was amazing. ( I had so many Cuba-Flashbacks!)…Sorry I forgot my point. What I wanted to tell you was, that this lady was super inspiring. She had a grown up son and started to discover life in a new light. She started dancing Salsa,opened a thrift shop and spend a lot of time with her friends.
She went to concerts and planned trips to places she had never been. Instead of thinking that her life was over, it was as if she was in her twenties again. Trying out new sport trends and recipes and not tired of life at all. Full of energy and curious like a child.


I hope this might inspire you a little bit, and help you to be more adventurous.
If you would like to read more “how- to”s, please let me know.

All the best and have a wonderful day!


One thought on “The Complete Beginners Guide to Adventures

  1. Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s almost as if I am there as well. Sounds like you are traveling on the right path, in all means 😉 And here comes some travelers advice for you: try to stay away from business class travel and 5 star hotels as much as possible, somehow I feel you figured that yourself already.

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