5 Things that I always take with me!


Whenever I prepare myself for a new trip to another country, I have to think of dfferent things that I have to take with me.
Sometimes I need bikinis, short dresses and sun cream, sometimes big pullovers, a beanie and long-sleeved shirts and sometimes I even need a little bit of both.
But wherever I go and whatever I plan to do, there are a couple of things I would NEVER leave without them in my suitcase.

  1. Waterboiler, Cup-of-soups and Tea! ( I swear these things saved my life more than once)
  2. Way too much medicine (Because if you take all of that stuff you won’t get ill, as you are prepared-keep Murphy’s Law in mind!)
  3. Häsi, my stuffed animal who is always there to conquer the world with me
  4. One pair of High Heels ( you never know what’s coming and classic High Heels can turn every casual outfit, into an elegant one!
  5. Too many books in a way to big handbag. ( because however lost you are, the books make everything better, and also you never know what you find in the depths of your handbag, that might save your life! )

Plus I got a lot of enthusiasm in my heart, so that I am ready for whatever might come and that I am willing to solve all the problems that might appear!

And then its’….


See you soon guys! And enjoy this lovely day!

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